What Does Wellness Look Like?

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As you’ve discovered, there are many definitions of health, wellness, and well-being. But without a doubt, they all agree that it’s about living a life that you feel is satisfying, meaningful, and rewarding.

Several years ago, two researchers, Gianni Pes and Michel Poulain, started examining communities around the world in which people lived measurably longer lives…so long in fact, that many include the largest group of men over the age of 100!

Pes and Poulain drew blue concentric blue circles on the map around those geographic areas in which the communities were located. They referred to these areas as “Blue Zones.”

These hot spots of people who live long, healthy lives are found in Japan, Italy, Costa Rica, Greece, and California.

In 2004, Dan Buettner, a National Geographic Fellow and bestselling author, explorer, educator, producer, and public speaker, teamed up with National Geographic and worked with Pes and Poulain to bring the blue zones lessons to a wider audience. Buettner first described the blue zones in articles for the New York Times and National Geographic. Both articles were among the most popular for those publications. Since then, he has continued his work through his Blue Zones organization, which he founded, and whose mission is to “Help people live longer, better lives.”

The following videos introduce you to some of the people and the lifestyles they lead that contribute to their long-lived well-being.

Longevity Secrets From Blue Zones’ Dan Buettner


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