10 Dimensions of Wellness

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We define wellness as comprising 10 dimensions. These dimensions include the many factors that contribute to overall well-being.

IWE 10 Dimensions Physical.PNGStructured exercise, active lifestyle practices

IWE 10 Dimensions Nutritional.PNGDiet and healthy food choices, establishing and maintaining a healthy weightStructured exercise, active lifestyle practices

IWE 10 Dimensions Medical.PNG Adhering to screening, prevention, treatment recommendations from your doctor, dentist, or other healthcare provider, and following established guidelines

IWE 10 Dimensions Social.PNGEnjoying family, and having good social support and cohesion

IWE 10 Dimensions Environmental.PNGCreating a personal space to enhance well-being, being a steward of natural resources in the world

IWE 10 Dimensions Spiritual.PNG Identifying your core values, identity, and purpose, and living in alignment with them

IWE 10 Dimensions Behavioral.PNGDoing things that have a positive impact on life, exploring new ideas, learning new skills; plus, using safety gear and avoiding harmful behaviors

IWE 10 Dimensions Psychological.PNG Coping, managing stress  problem solving, decision making

IWE 10 Dimensions Occupational.PNG Engaging in meaningful and rewarding activities (eg, job and hobbies), and addressing personal interests, skills, performance, and satisfaction

IWE 10 Dimensions Financial.PNGPlanning and saving, managing cash and credit accounts, and financial risk



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