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Deep Work Is Valuable

As Election Day lingered in 2012, activity at the New York Times site spiked, as is ordinary amid snapshots of national significance. Be that as it may, this time, something was unique. An uncontrollably lopsided part of this movement—more than 70 percent by a few reports—was going to a solitary area in the sprawling space. …

Talking about emotional experiences

Talking about an emotional experience is a well-known and common consequence of exposure to very intense negative emotional conditions. As early as 1910, William James, after witnessing the San Francisco earthquake, wrote to Pierre Janet about the victims’ apparent need to talk about their experiences. At night, he noted, it was impossible to sleep in …

Lying and self-deception in health and disease

[frontpage_news widget=”289″ name=”Most popular”] Deceit and the need to detect deception are prevalent in the animal kingdom, and reaches their highest evolutionary development in Homo sapiens. Deceit is an intricate part of human communication involving, via a dynamic process, selfdeception and the deception of others. When used in “normal” ways, we are often unaware of …