Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy (Part Two) ~Self Assignments~

Posted by - decembrie 18, 2017

loading…   A number of physical exercises can help shift our unsettled emotional states to calmer, more relaxed feelings—as well as to actually alter to some degree the body’s physiological responses. For maximum effect, they should become part of your daily routine. Don’t wait until a crisis emerges and then plunge into them, looking for

Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy (Part One)

Posted by - decembrie 17, 2017

loading… Stressed-out feelings are very often stoked by self-sabotaging self-talk. It is very easy to catastrophize the situation, along the lines of “I’m going to have a nervous breakdown. It’s absolutely impossible for me to do this.” Off-kilter beliefs such as these are guaranteed to keep the vicious cycle of stress running at full throttle.

Lessons Learnd From Other Studies Of Science

Posted by - decembrie 17, 2017

loading… As the least developed study of science, psychology has much to learn from the more established metascientific disciplines of history, philosophy, and sociology of science. The most important lesson comes from knowing the general stages that any scientific discipline goes through in its path toward maturity. Guiding the discussion of the development of each

Cum convingem?

Posted by - noiembrie 26, 2017

loading… Când oamenii îşi împărtăşesc pasiunea sau entuziasmul pentru ceva, devin atractivi şi reuşesc mai uşor să-i convingă pe ceilalţi. Foloseşte-ţi propria putere de convingere, începând cu ceea ce te entuziasmează sau te interesează din mesajul tău. Dacă nu eşti convins de ceea ce doreşti, de ce ar face-o ceilalţi? încearcă să fragmentezi mesajul în

Deep Work Is Valuable

Posted by - noiembrie 25, 2017

loading… As Election Day lingered in 2012, activity at the New York Times site spiked, as is ordinary amid snapshots of national significance. Be that as it may, this time, something was unique. An uncontrollably lopsided part of this movement—more than 70 percent by a few reports—was going to a solitary area in the sprawling